SAMS elektronik is company which develops and produces professional broadcast equipment.

Our application solutions are designed to maintain or enhance the integrity of the video and audio signal whatever the process involved. We supply technologically advanced equipment to the international broadcasting and audio / video production companies.

We are proud of the confidence placed in our products by major broadcast stations, and independent television & audio / video production and Post production companies. Every piece of SAMS elektronik equipment is rigorously tested and calibrated before shipment. The existing product lines are constantly refined and modernized in order to meet the newest standards in broadcast industry.

SAMS elektronik produces:

IDEA PROJECTS for all kinds of professional broadcast production and Post production systems, television, broadcast stations, all kinds of semi professional systems production, Post production, duplication, automatic or manual remote control and surveillance systems.

DETAIL PRODUCTION PROJECTS & CONSULTING in choosing the right equipment for electronic editing, graphic editing, TV studios, TV broadcasting centers, video copying and duplicating systems, remote object and process control and surveillance systems.

COMPLETE TURN-KEY ENGINEERING for all above mentioned systems which includes idea & production projects, equipment supplying, complete mounting, exploitation starting and further technical support.

Quality management system based on the principles of focus on customer, process orientation, system approach to management, continuous improvement, decision-making based on facts and mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers and partners.

To accomplish all of the above:

  • We have adopted a quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001: 2008, which applies to all sectors of our company,
  • With customers building honest relationships, we recognize their demands and complaints, to meet the expectations and perfecting our products,
  • We choose reliable suppliers with whom we build partnerships and mutual trust, in order to ensure continuity and quality of work,
  • Develop new products and improve existing ones in accordance with the new standards in the industry,
  • Determine the quality objectives and the level of achievement we check and evaluate our system via a procedure in certain periods of time,
  • Improve the efficiency of business processes using standardized work procedures based on modern concepts of management,


Continuous improvement of work processes and Quality Management System based on the active participation and support of all employees.